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I provide SEO copywriting services. I use words to connect your business with new customers. 

Do you mind me asking? Why are you looking for a copywriter? OK, I’m going to take a guess.

  • You don’t have time
  • You know what you want to say, but the keyboard sucks the life out of it
  • You’re a bit rubbish at writing

That’s all fine — it’s why I’m here — but do you know the most common reason why people hire me?

They hate writing about themselves.

You can’t read the label of the jar you’re in. Most of us struggle to see ourselves from the outside — from a customer’s point of view.

That’s where I come in. I focus on what sets you apart, and what matters to your audience. Then I use over a decade of persuasive writing experience to get the message out.

Website content plus on-page SEO

Search engine optimisation isn’t rocket science. It’s just fiddly.

Luckily, as an SEO copywriter, I have a slightly obsessive attention to detail. OK, maybe `slightly’ is the wrong word in that last sentence.

By delivering all the (fiddly) on-page SEO that sits behind the content, I give your website a better chance of being found on the internet.

What do I write about?

Pretty much anything, to be honest. There are some sectors I love writing about — IT, sales and marketing, and social media in particular. 

Here’s a handy list:

Call Helen Beckingham on 07765 520 624. Prefer to write? Just click the big red button below. 

Website copywriting

Do you have website shame? Let’s chat. I can make your content sound fabulous.

Blog writing

I do the hard work for you — engaging, informative blogs — while you get on with your day.  

LinkedIn profiles

Your LinkedIn profile is on page 1 of Google. Is it letting you down? 

SEO copywriting

Need more website visitors? I weave well-chosen keywords into persuasive, flowing copy. 

Staring at a blank screen wondering what to write?

Relax, I can take this off your shoulders.


Customer-led content

Standing in your customer’s shoes, I clearly explain the benefits of your product or service.

Content + SEO

Crisp, fresh content that draws more customers to your website. What’s not to like?

LinkedIn profile writing

It’s the world’s largest professional network. I make sure you sound credible, professional… and human.

FREE content review

Buy me a cup of coffee. In return, you’ll get free advice on how to make your website bring in more business.

Brochure copywriting

Concise, persuasive brochure content. It will get you noticed at trade shows and business expos.

Case studies

Does your website need case studies? Talk to me. I turn your customer experience into a compelling story.

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