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Why SEO copywriters like penguins

SEO firms have been getting very upset with Google recently. The reason? Pandas and penguins.

No, not the cuddly things that look cute on nature programmes.

Pandas and Penguins are algorithmic updates that Google regularly sends out, warrior-like, to re-rank websites. The latest Penguin shuffled out just before Christmas - no doubt wearing a suitably festive hat, some tinsel and a broad sword. Much moaning ensued.

Killer penguins

Your view on Google's algorithmic wildlife will depend which side you're on. According to many SEO firms they’re irritating, goalpost-moving little buggers designed to catch out unwary websites and banish them to the deserts of page 4. According to Google, they’ll only down-rank websites that provide a poor user experience. In other words, sites which use sneaky black-hat SEO techniques such as keyword-stuffing, cloaking, blatant link bombing and duplicate content.

If the penguins catch you at it, they'll get nasty.

... and how to survive them

Now, I’m going to come clean and confess that I love Penguins and Pandas. Frankly, they’re great news for SEO copywriters. Most of us have been jumping up and down with glee because here’s the thing...

The best way to survive Google's regular Panda throwing is to make sure your site contains high-quality, relevant, and extremely useful content. Penguins and Pandas get cuddly if your website is regularly updated with fresh copy.

And what do we do? Yep, you’ve guessed it. We provide high-quality, relevant, useful and updated content. Contact me. I like Penguins.