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Keyword Research

Keyword research gets your website found by your ideal customer. It's at the core of SEO copywriting and is one of its most valuable, return-rich areas.

The trouble is, it's very easy to go wrong with keywords. If you're not sure which words and phrases to target, how many to use or where to put them, I can help.

  • Keyword analysis What are your customers searching for? I''ll use my SEO experience and old-fashioned detective work to find the words that your target market are using. Most people use concise, simple terms when they're searching online. However, the most valuable keywords aren't always the obvious ones...
  • Long-tail keyword research These highly specific, less competitive search terms make up the majority of website searches and have an extremely high conversion rate.

Once I've found the most lucrative keywords I can optimise your page titles, create h1 headings and sprinkle the right words seamlessly into naturally flowing content.

Search engines will raise the ranking of your website because keywords have been used correctly. Crucially, your visitor won't even notice them.