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Blog writing

BLOG stands for Better Listings on Google. Nah, not really.  It comes from "weblog" but you get the picture. Search engines love fresh content.

Regular blogging boosts your website's SEO. Each new blog post creates a new landing page, it gives you the opportunity to use fresh keywords and it proves to Google that your website is a going concern. But there's a problem. In fact, there are 3 problems:

  • You have to post regularly.
  • Each blog needs at least 500 words, preferably more. It has to be meticulously researched, engaging, useful, beautifully written, shareable and linkable.
  • You don't have time.

I have time, because it's my job. Keyword Copywriting specialises in writing blogs on a huge variety of subjects - business, leisure, marketing, social media, mobile apps, fruit and veg, sex toys (don't ask), hotels and restaurants. You name it, I can produce a well-written, knowledgeable and immensely readable blog about it.



How blogging benefits your website

For the last couple of years, each and every Google algorithm update has been about one thing: fresh content.

This is great news for SEO copywriters, we've been jumping up and down with glee. But it also benefits your business website. Here's how it works:

  • Link bait Regular, information-rich blog content encourages links from other websites related to your business. For Google, a quality link from a reputable source gives your website authority. The better your blog, the more quality links you'll attract.
  • High-quality traffic Links mean more site visitors. These people will already be interested in your product, service or idea. In short, they're new customers.
  • Customer engagement A well-written blog talks directly to your customer and gives your business a personal voice. Web page content needs to get to the point, whereas a blog gives you more space to engage with your reader. They'll keep coming back to your website for more.

Blogging is time-consuming. You're busy running a business. I can save you time by blogging for you and, while your website makes its way up the rankings, bring in more business. It's a low-cost way to boost your SEO and your revenue.