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Copywriting services

Keyword Copywriting is a professional web content writing service based in Brighton, East Sussex. If you need crystal clear, easily-readable content that gets your website noticed, get in touch. Call Helen Beckingham on 07765 520624.

Here's what I do:


Content Writing

Content writing that speaks your customer's language Are you speed-reading this? Skimming down the page looking for something that holds your attention? You're not alone. The truth is, your site visitor is doing exactly the same... looking for any excuse to click off to your competitor. I specialise... Read More »

Website Review

Is your website letting you down? It has the potential to be one of your most powerful marketing tools. After all, it's out there 24/7 representing your business. If the content isn't talking directly to your potential customer and selling the benefits of what you offer, you're wasting... Read More »

Keyword Research

Keyword research gets your website found by your ideal customer. It's at the core of SEO copywriting and is one of its most valuable, return-rich areas. The trouble is, it's very easy to go wrong with keywords. If you're not sure which words and phrases to target, how... Read More »

Blog writing

BLOG stands for Better Listings on Google. Nah, not really.  It comes from "weblog" but you get the picture. Search engines love fresh content. Regular blogging boosts your website's SEO. Each new blog post creates a new landing page, it gives you the opportunity to use fresh Read More »


A good proofreader prevents public embarrassment No matter how much money you spend on your website, just one grammar or spelling mistake will damage your credibility. If your website contains poor quality content, Google will notice. Matt Cutts, head of Google's... Read More »