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What’s the difference between a writer and a copywriter?

Copywriters are writers… but with an added bonus: the art of persuasion. As writers we take complex ideas and turn them into clear, easily readable words and sentences. Copywriters add the crucial elements of persuasion and psychology. We understand what the website reader is thinking. I’m busy. What’s in this for me? I don’t have the patience to read self-serving, ungrammatical waffle. Why would I trust this business? Why should I choose this person’s services over their competitor’s offer?

How can you write about my business? You’re not an expert in the field.

Neither is your customer, which is why they need you. Good copywriters are also expert researchers which is why we can write about any subject under the sun - car valeting, personal styling, chandeliers, fruit and veg, digital transformation, aviation safety consultancy. I spent 15 years as a BBC researcher and scriptwriter so I’m used to absorbing information quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes (but surprisingly rarely) my clients’ customers come from within their own industry and will expect highly technical language, including industry-related acronyms. I’ll learn and use that language but it will be cushioned and surrounded with professionally conversational, persuasive words.

I’m good at writing. Why shouldn’t I write my own website content?

Because you don’t have time. But more importantly, you’re not a professional website copywriter. You don’t specialise in grabbing and keeping the attention of notoriously impatient internet surfers. You’re an industry expert, which probably means (forgive the bluntness) your website contains too much detail about your experience, what you do and how you do it. There will be too little about why the reader should buy into you. In short, you’re hiding your light under a bushel. (No, I don’t know what a bushel is either.)

Do you write other stuff, besides website content?

If words are involved then I can help. It could be brochure content, newsletters, product descriptions, step-by-step documentation, e-books or user instructions. Head over to my copywriting services page for more information.

Are you expensive?

My fees start at £150 (although please don’t expect to pay that for a fully content-populated website). The cost will obviously depend on what you need. If you can, the quickest way to get a competitive quote is to call me on 07765 520 624 and give me a brief idea of what you need. You’ll receive an accurate written quote which I’ll stick to - unless a significant amount of additional work is required. In those rare cases, I’ll re-quote and get written confirmation that it’s OK before proceeding.