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If copywriting is the beauty, strategy must be the beast

With thanks to Peru Buesa at Gozen Media

Writing copy for your business website and social media is a delicate business. You can use digital channels to explain who you are and what you do without too much hassle. But good copywriting, when strategically delivered, does more than explaining what you do. First off, it can bring an army of leads into your business. After then it can inspire that army of potential customers to care about what you do.

Take this lightly, and while you may bring in lots of visitors, they’re not going to convert. You’ll end up wondering whether your website is cursed. What’s the heck is wrong? Your product is a blessing!

And of course you’re right. You can help a lot of people. You deserve to grow your business to the point where you can build a team and buy more time for yourself. You just need the world to know about you and effectively cross the chasm of digital communications.

If you don’t marry incredible copy with a carefully drawn digital marketing strategy you might end up spending precious amounts of money on copy… and get no conversions. At worst, your hopes in the plenty of the digital world will die. Your website will disappear into oblivion. And if that happens, your customers will leave you to disappear into oblivion.

Find a good copywriter who understands the Beauty and the Beast of digital marketing - incredible copy that adds lots of value and talks directly to the motivations of a well-defined target audience.

The Beauty

Inspiring copy talks to your customer through spot-on sentences that are clear of jargon and complicated words.

It leverages profound, emotional language that makes people drool if you sell hamburgers… and cry if you sell life insurance.

In fact, it represents that glamorous side of media you might have seen in TV series and Facebook-sponsored ads - young sexy people sitting on beanbags, suddenly coming up with an amazing idea that makes millions in sales while they play with a Rubik’s cube. Sounds irresistible, doesn’t it?

Now for the fun part…

The Beast

The Beast represents the planning and strategy side of things. There’s no getting round the fact that this is hard work. It involves exhaustive research campaigns targeting what people want online and what your competitors are offering. It means downloading and scrutinising endless spreadsheets of keywords that are searched on Google and their…metrics. Sometimes, scientific findings are factored in to increase conversion rate.

The Beast means over-caffeinated people hunching over spreadsheets and sweaty laptops. It requires a high level of data processing and interpretation. In short, it’s geeky. Beauty, meanwhile, means the art and science of strategically delivered words – the ones that win you more business.

The best part of the story is when Beauty and the Beast dance together to the music. You can create and execute a creative copywriting strategy that genuinely touches people. They have to pick up the phone because they cannot wait to start working with you.

Join the dance with a good copywriting strategy and you’ll become incredibly successful at acquiring new leads and customers. Go on, be honest. Your product deserves it.

Peru Buesa is the founder of Gozen Media, a digital strategy agency with a mission to guide you through your online marketing so that you inspire your customers and become successful in your commitments.