Freelance copywriter, Brighton

Beautiful website content that boosts sales

Struggling with the words on your website? Keyword Copywriting can take away the hassle. Whatever you want to say, I'll provide professional website content that gives your business a persuasive human voice.

I'm a Brighton-based freelance copywriter with a geeky knack for SEO (search engine optimisation) and website psychology. It's a great combination. Your website will be easy to find and a joy to read. Here's what you'll get:

  • More visitors Well-chosen keywords naturally weaved into engaging, succinct copy. I can specifically attract your target market, hold their attention and keep them on-site.
  • More money Clear and persuasive calls to action combined with benefit-rich content that speaks directly to your website reader. This will increase your conversion rate and make your website more profitable.
  • Client retention Informative, useful and shareable blogs, e-books or articles. They'll attract valuable website traffic and keep your readers coming back for more.

My name is Helen Beckingham. Would you like a blog, a single page edit or a full website revamp? Just let me know and I'll deliver it to your deadline.

Keyword Copywriting provides fixed quotes upfront and a FREE initial consultation. Ring me today on 07765 520624 or click the big pink button to book your consultation.

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